Can popular vote be trusted?

america-875164_640In the 2016 presidential election, totals showed that Hillary Clinton received at least 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, but the Electoral College system gave the victory to Trump. A similar situation existed in 2000 during which Al Gore received about a half-million more votes than Electoral College winner George W. Bush.

Many Americans who don’t understand the purpose of the Electoral College cry foul and claim that we should move to a direct popular vote. But can the popular vote totals be trusted?

An editorial in Investor’s Business Daily published on June 24, 2917 asks whether the votes of illegal aliens cost Trump the popular vote. Highly likely, it seems, as IBD credits the Democrats highly effective get-out-the-vote efforts in areas heavily populated by noncitizens.

The IBD editorial cites several studies that estimate millions of votes were cast by noncitizens in 2008 and 2012, casting doubt on the validity of election results.

Where are the journalists who should be reporting this information? This would take some real work and it might not get a lot of front-page headlines, but Americans need to be able to trust the election process and these studies undermine our trust.


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