Yanny, Laurel, Covfefe

Greg Gutfeld on FOX News created the best analogy for last week’s “yanny vs. laurel” conversation. He said it’s the way we see politics now. As Scott Adams explains it (and Greg likes to reference Adams), we are all watching the same film but seeing totally different movies depending on the bias we bring into the theater. Some see President Trump as Hitler-incarnate, others see him as a common-sense businessman who knows how to cut through the nonsense. Trump did have the best response on the yanny-laurel nonsense.  “I hear covfefe,” he said.

My take on Trump? He is WYSIWYG (wizzy-wig) = what you see is what you get. There is no grand devious strategy. He apparently loves the country, says whatever pops into his head and is blessed with good luck. Try that filter when watching the Trump Show.


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